Digital Signage Simplified

Fast to Deploy. High Quality. Low Cost – Why be forced to pick two? EGATE’s ScreenServe technology allows you to convert any HDMI capable display or Windows PC into a cloud based marketing tool for a fraction of the cost of other systems without compromising features or performance.

Manage Anywhere, Anytime

Gain secure access from any device to our management portal. Push out the updates to all devices at once, or set up groups for different content depending on your needs

Small Device, Powerful Stuff

Plug and play hardware, delivering your content easily and smoothly to any size display. Provides full HD quality images and video, web content and more.

Automatic Updates

All devices are centrally managed, which means all updates are pushed out when required, keeping your deployment safe and secure.

Centralized Monitoring

Monitor all devices from one web console. Check out the status of each device, uptime, connectivity, and even what content the device is showing.

Set It & Forget It

Your digital assets are stored in our secure cloud. Set up schedules to push out the content when required to your screens, refresh with quick uploads.

Speedy Deployment

Device set up in minutes. Connect to local network on site and plug into the screen. That’s it. Get the content in front of your audience fast.

Use any HDMI Display or Windows Desktop

Update seamlessly over Wifi, Wired or Cellular

Group displays for easier management

Display Still Images, Video or Web Sites

Trigger content based on external inputs or data sources

Schedule content to play at select times

Bulk Deployment allows thousands of screens to be deployed in under an hour

Preview content easily

Easily manage content through smart playlists

Option to Purchase or Rent Hardware

On screen diagnostics allow quick connection troubleshooting

Cellular service allows anywhere deployment