Private Network Services

Private Networking Services

EGATE Private Networking Services

Discover how much time our customers have realized by having EGATE manage their network from end to end with our Private Networking solutions. 


EGATE Private Network service is a dynamic WAN solution that provides a scalable and secure way to connect offices and data centres. By outsourcing IP routing requirements to EGATE, you’ll create new efficiencies and optimize inter-office communications. 


Delivered over EGATE’s fully managed core, customers will benefit from continuous uptime backed by our industry leading service level agreements. Scalable bandwidth profiles up to 100Gbps are available to meet current and future business requirements.  


Diverse options for critical applications are also available for all size of operations, from Private LTE services to physically diverse fibre optics to each location. All managed by EGATE staff so you can focus on your business applications.  


Our extensive network of last mile connections allows us to give your business a wide range of diverse options. Our wide range of network partnerships allows us to provide the most cost effective and reliable access options of any provider in Canada. 


Can’t sustain any down time? Physical and logical diversity is available with dynamic failover on a managed EGATE CPE. You’ll be able to further prioritize traffic streams across multiple classes of service with our feature-rich quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities.