Enterprise Data Centre Facilities

Facilities Designed To Run Your Corporate Infastructure

EGATE Data Centre Facilities

Our Data Centre Facilities allow you to place your corporate infrastructure in EGATE’s secure Data Centre facility. Your infrastructure will be supported by the same closely-monitored, multi-home network that has helped to give EGATE Networks its excellent service reputation.

Flexible Space Configurations

EGATE offers flexible space offerings from a single piece of equipment to multiple cabinets and private cage configurations. EGATE cabinets provide security for your equipment with ample space for cable and rack management.

Network Connectivity

We provide a variety of options including pure Internet connectivity, and the ability to add managed firewall services. We can also cost effectively connect you to over 100 other major network and cloud providers. Our colocation also allows you to place your infrastructure directly on your EGATE Private Network Service.

Power Services

The EGATE Data Centre delivers continuous power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. EGATE provides you data centre grade power through  multiple uninterruptible power supplies with battery backup to ensure a clean and stable supply of power. Emergency power generators automatically engage to supplement the loss of grid power.

Environmental and Physical Safety

We offer protection for your infrastructure with cooling equipment to maintain constant temperature and humidity. Access control systems and video monitoring ensure physical security. Fire suppression systems designed for data centre use are enabled to protect against fire.

Remote Hands and Remote Management

We provide assistance through our professional services either in an emergency or scheduled to assist with on site tasks so your staff are focused on the delivery of your core technology.